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A Minor Groove Binding stain

unlike intercalators, MGB stains do not distort your samples
Properties tinto rang Ethidium Bromide SYBR Safe
Binding Mode Minor Groove Binder / External Binder Intercalator Intercalator
Safety 100% Safe Carcinogenic under high concentrations Less hazardous
Sensitivity 0.5ng/band 1-5ng/band 1-5ng/band
Intensity(upon DNA binding) On par with EtBr 20 Fold On par with EtBr
Post Staining* 1-10 minutes 10-30 minutes 10-40 minutes
Post Stain RNA Yes No No

*Time depends on the sample concentration and the thickness of Gel.

Assay & Master Mix Vendors

Craft fast, sensitive, and eco-friendly downstream kits & Mixes
  • safe stain
    SAFE tinto rang™ is the safest nucleic acid dye, crafted and obtained from a plant that has been a traditional food additive. Thus, NO toxicity & mutagenicity. Read More
  • fast stain
    FAST Post stains DNA in gels within 1-10 minutes. Saving time, without compromising on intensity.

    Read More
  • sensitive stain
    SENSITIVE As sensitive as Ethidium Bromide, detecting 0.5ng of DNA, with no increase in intensity over time & no background noise.

    Read More
  • minor groove binder
    MGB/EB Minor Groove Binder (MGB) / External Binder (EB) does not distort your DNA samples, thus giving you multiple runs with only one sample.

    Read More

tinto rang Vs other dyes

Open for Collaboration

Got new ideas or Novel Applications in Genomics Research, We are game.

Application Areas

tinto rang™ Nucleic Acid Stains series & downstream application eco-system is
designed around researcher safety with new class of efficiency & speed.
  • Academic Institutions & Researchers
    academic & research
    • Qualitative & Quantitative Analysis
    • Target Amplification
    • Genotyping
    • and much more..!

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  • Ragents, Assays & Master Mix Vendors
    • Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) / QPCR
    • Multiplex PCR
    • Hybridization Probes
    • Residual DNA
    • and much more..!
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  • Devices - Life Sciences

    Device Diagnostic
    • Visualisation of DNA / RNA
    • DNA Amplification
    • Nucleic Acid Sequencing
    • and much more..!

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Hot Start-ups: A saga of the world’s fastest DNA, RNA stain

Bangalore-based start-up discovers the world’s safest and fastest DNA and RNA stain Azooka claims its fluorescent dye as the world's safest and fastest DNA and RNA stain. It was conceived out of Dr Fathima's PhD research, and was launched in March 2016, after 3 long years of hard work and research.
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